What is Business Intelligence and Power BI?

Business Intelligence is a process of transforming raw data into information and knowledge that support taking business decisions. MS Power BI is a suite of tools that make this process fast and easy thanks to intelligent, automated reports.

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It all starts with raw data that (if not processes) are not valuable. Like the oil that was not sourced and refined.

Oil Processing

Data processing

Raw data have to be correctly sourced and processes (cleansing, aggregation etc). Then they can be transformed into information (e.g. the most costly part of the portfolio) and knowledge (the reasons behind this). Having the knowledge on causes of the problem we can take appropriate actions. The more efficient the process is the better taken decisions are.

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of tools that supports the process of data processing - from sourcing to suggesting optimal decision.

What is Power BI and how it works

The process is supported by Power BI tools:

Power BI tools

Power BI Desktop
A desktop version of Power BI (free download from Microsoft website). It is the most complex version of Power BI that allows to get data from different sources and process them. It also allows users to create dynamic reports that can be easily analysed. It creates .pbix files that contains the data model (aggregated data) and the report. It is a proper choice for people who work with raw data and prepare reports.

Power BI Service
It is a cloud version of Power BI. It allows to get pre-processed data and prepare reports. It is not as complex as Power BI Desktop however it allows to cooperate with others and share the reports with people without Power BI Desktop installed on their computers. You can easily transfer reports between desktop version cloud version.

Power BI Mobile
It is a version dedicated to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. It allows a covinient analysis of reports - any time and any place.

Look at the video with BI report sample:

More and more employers introduce BI to their organizations

There are few reasons of growing popularity of BI:

  • 1. Money saving

    Speed and easiness of data analysis allow to understand the business environment better and take proper business decisions
  • 2. Time saving

    Having a BI implemented, it is a matter of few clicks to automatically create interactive, multidimensional report.
  • 3. New opportunities of development

    Joining different kinds of data into one data model helps discovering new synergies, correlations and opportunities for business.
  • 4. Standardization and reliability

    Introduction of Business Intelligence comes with validation and standardization of data sources, what increases the reliability of information.


Business Intelligence have many applications in:

  • - Logistics
  • - Marketing
  • - HR
  • - Finance
  • - Production
  • - Planning

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