Analysis and simulations

Thanks to tailored analysis and simulations cost drivers, potential savings or market trends could be easily identified.

Our aim is to provide our customers with knowledge on the most optimal decision based on available data (Data-based Management). To accomplish this, we use wide range of tools for data analysis and modelling. Take a look at the following examples of analysis and simulations:

Localization analysis

The most optimal place for warehouse/ greenfield factory

Allows to identify significant savings, wherever localization data are available (address, GPS coordinates etc.). It is possible to find the most optimal place for a warehouse or greenfield factory, or the most effective route (with the lowest logistic cost or smallest distance). Everything clearly visualized in a 2D, interactive map. Read more...

"What if" analysis

Business scenarios analysis (what if)

Thanks to data-based mathematical models, it is possible to identify beneficial business scenarios and calculate potential savings. A cost-free testing of different options allows to analyse and choose the most optimal scenario due to chosen criterion e.g. the highest profit, the smallest cost or the biggest saving. Read more...

Discrete Event Simulation

Symulacje komputerowe produkcji

Discrete Event Simulations allow to create complex models of any working system e.g. virtual run of a complicated projects (PERT) working of a new production line or queuing system at the airport. The simulation models are stochastic what means that variables in the model are based on given probability distributions. Read more...

Other options

Data-based management becomes a standard in a world full of data. Thanks to analytical models, finding the most optimal solution is fast and easy. Using wide range of analytical tools and scientific knowledge we can prepare a simulation model according to your needs.
Please leave a message ( Our specialists will prepare a suitable model and contact you with an offer.