Power BI Reporting and Visual Management

Dedicated for enterprises, which want to take the first step of the Business Intelligence journey. We will transform your regular Excel reports into dynamic BI dashboards.

Sample dynami sales report in MS power BI
Whatever the subject of actual reporting (manufacturing, logistics, marketing) is, it could be much more efficient when using automated and fast BI solutions.Imagine what you could achieve, when you have the ability to drill-down your data and analyze it from whatever perspective you want!

We prepared for you a short video, presenting what the Power BI report is capable of.

The report below consists of four dashboards. It demonstrates selected BI functions - interactivity, visualizations and data hierarchy.

Insights can be easily visualized. Wide selection of interactive charts and KPIs is available. Your data is shown not only as static column charts but also (for example) interactive flow map, decision tree, or scatter chart with correlations. Data analysis has never been simpler and faster!

You may analyze data with your PC or with a touch screen located in a meeting room (e.g. production hall). You can access and analyze the BI report via cloud.

Power BI report samples

Warehouse Optimization and Visual Management:

Time Series Forecasting for Sales with R:

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